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A special Gift for first time processors when processing a minimum of 200 crowns

The Most Trusted Name Serving Dental Professionals Since 1932 Founded By James Abboud WWI Veteran Highest and Fastest Payout

Dental Scrap Gold Buyers

We will refine unmarked noble metals.

If you need to process Dental Gold or Scrap we will refine and/or recycle amounts starting from and/or equivalent to 200 Crowns.

We suggest that you schedule a pick up with Crown Men. Call Us (402) 290-9000 or Visit our website CrownMen.

It is a good choice to refine your Dental and Scrap using our Crown Men Dental Gold Buyers.

Not only will you be helping our planet you will be benefiting your employees and getting paid each time you process.

Please do not red bag materials that may contain precious metals such as Gold scrap

Crownmen is the right choice when it comes to Gold Buying and Gold Refining and recycling.

BENEFITS REFINING WITH CROWNMEN – Crownmen’s expertise, experience and focus on dental metal recycling is the key to maximizing your returns and payouts.

Crownmen employs sophisticated state-of-the art proprietary technology and a unique processing system utilizing magnetics, frequency and high temperatures which insures a maximum amount of precious metal is recovered.

The current refining industry which is composed of companies who lack sophisticated technologies and do not specialize in dental scrap metal reclamation, these companies do not have the proper technology to effectively separate non-metallic substances which are fused to metallic substances.

Crownmen exclusively processes dental scrap metal in this unique and proprietary fashion. Crownmen has the most accurate analyzing equipment available combined with our proprietary methodologies ensure that our customers receive the highest value possible for your scrap.

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Benefits Dental Scrap Gold Refining

1. Getting Paid Within 72 hours from receipt.
2. Fastest Payout In The Industry
3. Highest Payout In the Industry
4. Free Pick Up & Delivery
5. Same Day Pickup
6. Detailed Assay Statement
7. Great Customer Service

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